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Streamline your HR process by simplifying leave and attendance management, efficient onboarding and recruitment, comprehensive employee directory, seamless integrations with ERP and other HR systems, mobile-first design for anytime, anywhere access, Unlock the Potential of Your HR Operations with MyndHRX, 

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MYNDHRX Features

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards make it easy for you to explore and analyze your data, regardless of your technical expertise.

Enablers for Enhanced HR Operations

  • Policy Builder: Customize HR policies to meet your specific needs.
  • APIs: Seamlessly integrate with other systems for enhanced functionality.
  • SSO (Single Sign-On): Simplify user authentication and access control.
  • Biometric Integration: Integrate biometric devices for secure employee verification.

Integrations for Enhanced Efficiency

  • SSO Integration: Enable single sign-on across multiple platforms.
  • Helpdesk Integration (Shared Zendesk): Connect HR and support functions for seamless employee assistance.
  • Payroll System Integration: Integrate with payroll systems for streamlined payroll processing.
  • ERP Integrations (Oracle, SAP, Workday, etc.): Seamlessly connect with enterprise resource planning systems.
  • Biometric Integration (including GPRS devices): Enhance security with biometric data integration.
  • Notifications: Keep employees informed with default email and push notifications.
  • SMS/WhatsApp Subscription: Enable communication through SMS and WhatsApp.

Why Choose MYNDHRX as Your HRIS System?

  • Customize the system to fit your unique HR requirements.
  • Accommodate multiple entities and geographies on a single instance.
  • Handle complex leave, attendance, and separation policies effortlessly.
  • Configure approval matrices with up to 8 levels.
  • Seamlessly assimilate new acquisitions while maintaining a unified talent pool.
  • Enjoy a complete 360° employee perspective throughout the entire employee life cycle.
  • MYNDHRX serves as a single source of truth for all employee data.
  • Choose and build on the modules that meet your HR needs.
  • Embrace new-age technologies such as AI/ML for intuitive user experiences.
  • Benefit from our domain expertise accumulated over 20 years in the HR SSC evolution.
  • High resilience and availability backed by encryption and multiple certifications.
  • Robust integration platform for seamless information flow between modules and legacy systems.
  • Enjoy the benefits of next-gen technologies with MYNDHRX’s intuitive user interface.
  • Navigate through screens with minimal clicks and quick actions.
  • Experience a mobile-first approach with employee journeys optimized for mobile applications.
  • Leverage custom workflows tailored to your specific HR processes.
  • Digitize onboarding with AI/ML and automated KYC processes.
  • Access standard out-of-the-box reporting for actionable insights.
  • Keep a pulse on employee satisfaction through daily pulse checks.
  • Submit expense claims on the go for enhanced productivity.
  • Employee Information Portal: Centralize employee data for easy access and HR reports.
  • Leave Module: Streamline real-time leave application and approval processes.
  • Attendance Module: Enhance accountability with an attendance dashboard and seamless integration with biometric systems.
  • Employee Separation Module: Automate separation processes with configurable rules and exit interviews.
  • Standard Reports: Gain valuable insights with pre-built reports across different HR functions.

HRIS Benefits of MYNDHRX

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards make it easy for you to explore and analyze your data, regardless of your technical expertise.

See MyndHRX in Action.

Experience Seemless HR Operations

Achieve a complete 360° view of the employee life cycle with MYNDHRX.
Experience Seemless HR Operations

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your lease accounting or optimize your operations, our Lease Management Software has you covered.

What is MYNDHRX?

MYNDHRX is a comprehensive HRIS solution that combines HR automation tools, HR database software, and HRMS tools to streamline and enhance your HR operations.

What are the key benefits of MYNDHRX?

MYNDHRX offers configurability to cater to your unique HR needs, with highly configurable HRMS software and HR software solutions. It provides a build-as-you-go approach, empowering you to create a customized HR platform. The system ensures enterprise-grade security and technology, safeguarding your HR data, and offering high availability. Additionally, MYNDHRX leverages advanced HRIS systems to optimize HR processes and improve efficiency.

How does MYNDHRX enhance HR operations?

MYNDHRX automates various HR processes, such as leave management, attendance tracking, and employee separation, using its HR automation tools and HRMS modules. The system acts as a centralized HR database software, enabling easy access to employee information, and streamlining workflows through its intuitive user interface. It also offers HR software solutions to integrate with other systems, such as ERPs, ensuring seamless data flow.

Can MYNDHRX support multiple entities and geographies?

Yes, MYNDHRX is designed to handle multi-entity and multi-geography setups. It allows you to configure rules and policies specific to each entity or country, providing flexibility and scalability for your HR operations.

Is MYNDHRX a cloud-based solution?

Yes, MYNDHRX is a cloud-based HRIS system delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This ensures easy access, scalability, and regular upgrades without the need for on-premises infrastructure.

How does MYNDHRX ensure data security?

MYNDHRX prioritizes data security by implementing robust measures, including data encryption for data at rest and in motion. It conducts regular system health checks and follows stringent data management and backup policies. These practices ensure the resilience and security of your HR data.

Can MYNDHRX integrate with other systems?

Yes, MYNDHRX offers integrations with various systems, including ERPs like Oracle, SAP, and Workday. It also supports biometric integration, enabling seamless connectivity with biometric devices for attendance tracking. Additionally, MYNDHRX provides SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities, allowing users to access multiple systems with a single set of credentials.

How does MYNDHRX support HR reporting and analytics?

MYNDHRX provides standard out-of-the-box reports, such as employee activation reports, leave application reports, and attendance timing reports. These reports offer insights into HR operations, leave management, and attendance tracking. The system also supports custom reporting, allowing you to generate tailored reports based on your specific requirements.

About MYND

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